CSL High-end True Diversity UHF handheld digital Lavalier wireless microphone


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1. Using UHF645-695MHz frequency band, two channels receive signals independently. Each channel has 100 optional channels to avoid interference frequency. 2. It has the function of searching frequency by one key (searching out the frequency points without interference); 3. Automatically identify handheld or waistband functions and display them on the display screen; 4. It has three adjustable functions of SQ (receiving sensitivity); 5. The handheld microphone is designed with high strength and large mesh head, which makes the airflow evacuation faster and the sound quality clearer. 6. Dual receiving lines are used in each channel to achieve true diversity anti-jamming operation. 7. Oscillation mode: PLL synthesized; 8. Fully automatic infrared frequency matching is used to synchronize the transmitter and receiver automatically. 9. Alloy material tube, effectively shielding external interference, high-grade resistance; 10.19 inch standard chassis, equipped with 1U aluminum metal panel; 11. Both receivers and transmitters are equipped with LCD display, and the working state is clear at a glance. 12. Four rubber antennas are arranged on the back of the receiver to enhance the received signal and highlight the high-end appearance. 13. At the same time, two separate outputs and one mixed unbalanced output are set up, which is suitable for connecting various external devices. 14. This series is specially designed for stage performances. It has the strongest functions and the most stable characteristics. It can achieve the most satisfactory performance in various complex professional singing environments. 

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