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*UHF WIRELESS IN EAR MONITOR SYSTEM-UHF band Phase lock PLL,Improved comprehensive performance, anti-frequency drop, anti-series frequency. Frequency range: 550 MHz-580 Mhz. In the 32MHz frequency band, the preset 40 frequencies can be switched at will. The dynamic expansion circuit greatly improves the signal-to-noise ratio.
*USED IN STAGE PERFORMANCE AND SOUND BROADCASE-Built-in Limiter circuitry eliminating distortion under excessive input levels. Front panel 1/4-inch stereo monitoring has the headphone jack.Used in stage,it can replace traditional comples sound monitoring equipment,achieve admirable listening effect.
*DESIGN FEATURES(APPERANCE AND DISPLAY)-Elegant liquid crystal display panel and LCD display low-battery indicator on the receiver.With power and RF receiving indecator lamp. It using two AA batteries and efficient power circuit,longservice time.The metall housing makes it sturdy and durable.
*WIRELESS RANG AND FREQUENCY RANG-IEM1200 in ear monitor and receiver system offers tabletop stage monitoring with a wireless range of up to 300 feet,THE normal can be 250FT-350F.Also improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the dynamic range so that the system has the best anti-interference to show the perfect original sound again.
*QUALITY AND TECHNOLOGY GUARANTEED-Using advanced circuit design,clear the receiving blind angle to make the system’s receiving signal steady.The system is strong, because of the housing is made by tough metal material.It is the best choice of stage performance monitor product.





Case specification

standard 1U

Case material

metal panel

Oscillation mode

PLL synthesized

Frequency stability


Frequency range


Frequency interval


Preset Channel

40 channels separately set 4 groups

Operate mode

manual adjust

Max Deviation


Frequency response


Transmit output power


Harmonic radiation


AF input

XLR,φ6.35mm jack

Earphone load impedance


Current consumption

DC 12V/250mA

Antenna socket

TNC socket(50Ω)

Audio Output:













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